Two-Year Conservatory

Our Two-Year Conservatory programs are called The Professional Workshops
They are advanced actor training, which run from September through May.

Both workshops employ an eclectic curriculum in order to expose students to various acting styles and different viewpoints on those styles in order to create The Actor’s Toolbox. This toolbox is the basis for a technique that is uniquely personal to each actor.

The First Year of study focuses on development of technical skills and an understanding of the actor’s working process, while The Second Year is focused on the grasp of elevated texts, character, and performance.

Classes are five days a week, approximately 6-8 hours a day. Admission is highly selective and continued study in the second year is by faculty invitation.

In addition to coursework, actors have various opportunities to perform in both years. For more information, please visit Performance Opportunities

Applicants to the Professional Workshops must be at least 18 and have a High School Diploma or an equivalent.


Professional Theatre Workshop
This workshop focuses on the creation of The Actor’s Toolbox through exploration of various approaches to realizing a character using sensory, emotional, and physical work.
Professional Musical Theatre Workshop
The Professional Musical Theatre Workshop is built on the foundation of the Professional Theatre Workshop with an added musical component that aims to create better actors AND musicians.