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Below are the most common Financial Aid topics and frequently asked questions.

Feel free to contact the Financial Aid Administrator if you still have questions.

The Federal Aid hotline is: 1-800-433-3243.

Please Visit: Department of Education YouTube Channel for step-by-step informational videos on Federal Student Aid.

Start your 2024-25 FAFSA here:

FAFSA 2024-24

NOTICE: Due to the ongoing revision of the FAFSA application for the award year 2024-25, you may encounter difficulties when completing or updating your FAFSA. You may have to return to the FAFSA more than once at different times to finish your entries. On January 30, 2024, the Dept. of Ed announced that the FAFSA output processing will be delayed until mid-March, which could mean a delay in receiving your Financing Offer from Circle. Also new this year, Students, parents, spouses and step parents will all have to use/create their own FSA ID in order to contribute information to the students’ FAFSA.

What is Financial Aid?

2024-25 Before You Start The FAFSA


2024-25 Financial Aid Checklist

How Much Will Attending Circle Actually Cost Me?

Am I Eligible for Federal Student Aid?

Different Types of TITLE IV Federal Aid

What Is a SAR and Why Do I Need It?

Issues with my FAFSA

Special or Unusual Circumstances Professional Judgment Policies and Procedures

What is NSLDS?

What Happens After FAFSA?

I Submitted My Financing Letter – Now What?

How Do I Receive My Federal Financial Aid?

What is SAP?

What if I prefer a Private Loan?

What if I have to Withdraw From School?

Do I Need FERPA?

I’m Graduating Soon – Final Steps In Financial Aid

Code of Conduct for Education Loans

About New York State Financial Aid

Student Loan Ombudsman

To File a Complaint About CITSTS

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