Six-Week Summer Intensives

Professional Theatre Workshop
Tuition: $4,300
Dates: July 5th – August 13th
Applicants must be at least 15 years old

The Summer Workshops offer a survey of the training in the Two-Year Professional Workshops. These intensives run for six weeks with classes Monday through Friday for six hours a day.
Set in the heart of New York City’s Theatre District, participants are invited to dive head first into our eclectic and exciting courses. Our 2 Year Professional Workshop in miniature, sample the best of our program and experience what discipline and great performance training can achieve. Stock your Actor’s Toolbox with us this summer!
Join the ranks of Summer Alumni (Lady Gaga and Viola Davis, to name a few) who have gone on to change the industry.

*Additional classes to be announced shortly

SCENE STUDY – This summer course aims to lay the foundation for an actor’s study of their craft as it relates to contemporary text. Actors will examine and explore a diverse range of contemporary plays and use scenes from them to build up a variety of tools and techniques necessary to the modern performer. Through preparing, rehearsing, performing and evaluating, actors will learn how to mine the text for given circumstances, objectives, action and events and use this work to create characters that undergo change.

SHAKESPEAREAN  – A course devoted to intensive scene work focusing on specific Shakespearean plays. Scenes are studied, presented, critiqued, and re-presented leading to greater facility in the use of his language and the presentation of his characters and stories. The culmination of the class is a fully staged Shakespeare play as a final project in The Festival of Theater.

ON-CAMERA TECHNIQUE / SELF TAPES –This course provides actors an environment to familiarize themselves with the process of acting in front of the camera. Primary emphasis is placed on learning the technicalities of acting for the camera while delivering the subtlety and nuance required of film acting: including learning to adjust the performance for specific shot size, acting on a mark, maintaining eye line, finding the arc of the character, and learning to maintain the integrity of the script while shooting out of sequence. Students will participate in a scene shoot filmed and edited by the instructor.

VOICE & SPEECH – A course focused on removing physical and emotional blocks which inhibit the free and natural voice. Linklater technique is used to allow the actor to express the full spectrum of emotion, complexity of mood, and subtlety of thought used to portray a character.

JAZZ AND TAP DANCE – A study of primarily basic jazz movement patterns with surveys in other dance styles such as lyrical and partner dancing. The class features extended stretching for improved flexibility, focused technique work, and combination work to develop intuition in perceiving dance forms.

STAGE COMBAT  – Basic tumbling and unarmed combat for the working actor. Confidence and the perception of the actor’s self-image are strengthened through various physical exercises. Emphasis is placed on creating convincing images and a routine that can be repeated to create believable scenes that tell a story.

MUSICAL THEATRE PERFORMANCEApproaching song as an acting piece. Actors work on songs first as monologues and then focus on song structure as a tool for interpretation of musical pieces. Special attention is also paid to using physical techniques to achieve a truthful performance. (This class only applies to students enrolled in the Musical Theatre Track)

*Additional classes to be announced shortly

Actors who exhibit a certain level of mastery of courses offered during the summer may be invited to either of the workshops in the Two-Year Professional Workshops.