Student Life




“While studying at Circle, I learned
that I could be ANY kind of actor
that I want to be.”
-Trisha Jeffrey
’02 Professional Musical Theatre Workshop

Circle students hail from coast to coast and all across the globe.

The instant a student walks into Circle they are surrounded by peers who have studied various styles, and have varied hobbies, education, and experiences, leading to a myriad of world views.

Whether from New Jersey, the Isle of Jersey, or Singapore, members of the student body are united by an inexhaustible drive to study and perfect their theatrical craft. Their shared drive and focus create a bond with their classmates erasing the differences between them and creating a family.

Circle strives to create an environment where the students feel as if they’ve stepped into their new home.



“As a foreign student in the US,
I thought of Circle in the Square
as my second home.“ 

Adam Shiri
’11 Professional Acting Workshop


As a professional training program, our students begin their acting careers at Circle and the first thing someone would do when moving to NYC to start that career is get an Apartment....