Our Mission

Our New Mission Statement

Our actor training connects emotional truth with the power of imagination, cultivating artists with strong technique who will be prepared to thrive in all storytelling platforms.  We commit to an inclusive, diverse curriculum and culture, honoring our student’s uniqueness while challenging them to expand their perspectives and advance their craft.

Embrace who you are. Become the artist you can be.


A note from our Artistic Director Emeritus, E. Colin O’Leary,

“The Circle in the Square Theatre School’s primary objective is to train actors for the professional theatre, as well as film and television. This is accomplished in intensive Workshop programs for carefully selected young actors. Each program is structured and designed to develop style and technique with primary emphasis on the development of both the physical and intellectual aspects of successful interpretation of a role.
We deal with both the traditional and experimental aspects of professional dramatic presentation in order to bring into focus for each actor his own organic relationship to acting.
We believe strongly in an eclectic curriculum in order to expose students to various acting styles and to different viewpoints on those styles.
The vision and concept of each program’s tonality and whole structure is vitally important, and has been developed by a combined effort of faculty, administration, and advisors. Students must be highly motivated and prepared to make a full commitment to the demands this concept requires.
Our programs provide individual attention in small classes, with a faculty composed of the finest actors and directors selected in the New York theatre. Our intention is that actors trained at the Circle in the Square will have the range and ability to perform all mediums/styles and forms of theatre, and that their talents can be drawn upon to support the outstanding tradition of theatre for which the Circle in the Square is renowned.
Our success is demonstrated by the high level of employment of our students in the professional theatre .
The Theatre School benefits greatly from its association with the Circle in the Square Theatre productions which can serve as a learning laboratory by offering students the possibility of observing a rehearsal and participating in discussions with casts and directors as part of our Seminar Series.”