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Circle is the place
where you plant the seeds for your future career.


After giving a Seminar to the students, Beth Malone of Fun Home posed with student Madison Coyle (PMTW ’17) at the desk that was a main part of the set.

Students show a relentless hunger for their craft, and Circle likes to foster that desire by encouraging students to pursue and make their own work.


While learning your craft as an actor, you also have access to published playwrights, composers, directors, and producers, many of whom have garnered accolades for their work. These are people who can help channel your passion into the work that you want to do.


Your time at Circle in the Square is not just about becoming the best actor you can be, but also about building lasting relationships throughout your career.

Our Alumni constantly work, but more importantly, they constantly work together.


Scene Study teacher Alan Langdon played Robert in Sink or Swim Rep’s production of Proof in 2012. Seen here with Kristin Parker (PMTW ’08) as Catherine, Sink or Swim Rep is just one of many successful Alumni founded theater companies that have sought out ways to make their own work.

Your classmates will become some of your most valuable resources as you complete your time in the program.


They will become your future cast-mates, directors, producers, and more.

There is a history of successful companies coming out of Circle, where the idea started with conversations between students in the school lobbies between classes.

These companies took the idea of making their own work to heart and created a platform for themselves with which to do it.

Some of the more recent companies include Pigasus Pictures, Animus Theatre Company, and Joyseekers Theatre Company.

For more information on their exploits, please check the Alumni Page.




As a professional training program, our students begin their acting careers at Circle and the first thing someone would do when moving to NYC to start that career is get an Apartment....

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