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One of the perks of being a student at Circle in the Square Theatre School is that your faculty, administration, and recent alumni are working in the fields of theatre, film, and television.And that means there are free and discounted tickets to various events. Don’t be surprised to be invited to a dress rehearsal for a production housed in Circle, where you’ll get to see how a Broadway show comes together.

There are also often free tickets to Broadway shows, where you’ll see what’s currently happening in your field; Encores productions, where you’ll get to see pieces of theatre history staged; and discounted tickets to downtown shows and screenings, where you’ll see the cutting edge of what’s being developed in world of theatre and film.

Group Fun


Central Park is just north of Circle in the Square, and is the perfect location to do just about anything you could desire. A perfect lunch location during a break, or a place to take a walk and clear your head before a scene, Central Park is a beautiful area to relax. Students have also been known to rehearse in the park as it gives them the space to play, and the gorgeous venue to match their scenes.


lesmisA favorite pastime of students is to run out during a break in class and rush a show. Being located so close to Times Square, you can get to just about any Broadway or off-Broadway theater in fifteen minutes or less, allowing you to participate in student rush without having to wait hours in line to see your favorite Broadway show. Students will often head to our next door neighbor, the Gershwin, to lotto Wicked tickets, or run a block west to New World Stages to pick up a ticket to the newest show there. You’re never lacking in shows to see while you’re at Circle.

motherburgerThere’s plenty to eat in your Times Square campus. Anything from fine dining to fastest of food is available right around Circle. If you have a little bit of extra time on your hands, Mother Burger and Blockheads, located in the plaza next to New World Stages, are favorite Circle hangouts. Students often head there for good food after a hard day of scene work. And if you have a craving for food from various different cultures, you can easily find just what you want in five block radius from the school.


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