Because Circle is a Professional Training Program and housed in a
Broadway Theater, we consider the time spent with us to be the

As a result,
it is the responsibility of every student to secure their own housing,
as they would if they were moving to New York on their own.

HOWEVER, Circle does try to aid in providing any information we can to assist students in their search.

Incoming students who need a place to live in New York may contact the School Office for any current information regarding housing sources, potential roommates or apartment rentals.

For a list of helfpul Housing options and links, please visit HOUSING RESOURCES.

PLAN AHEAD! Incoming students are advised to make preparations prior to arrival as locating affordable housing in the city can be difficult.

Once you have been accepted into the program, returned your contracts and PAID YOUR DEPOSIT, you can request the password to the CURRENT STUDENTS page where you can view our Housing Forum.

The Housing Forum is where Incoming, Current and Former students can post ads regarding roommates or apartment sublets. Registration is required to post, but not to browse and the information is of course subject to the needs of the registered members – The Circle community.

To request the password: Please email us at admissions@circlesquare.org (please write “HOUSING” in the Subject line).


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