Arts Education and PS11 Playwriting Residency

The Arts Education and Playwriting Residency at PS 11

Part of the Arts Education for Actors alumni training program includes a playwriting residency at PS 11. It’s a four month residency for all 3rd grade classes, which is rooted in playwright and award-winning master teaching artist Daniel Judah Sklar’s “Playmaking” process. Mr. Sklar developed Playmaking while at the 52nd Street Project, and published a book by the same title.

Guided by Mr. Sklar and Kim Greene (teaching artist/Arts Ed Co-director/Circle Alum ’93), each graduate is a Residency Assistant (RA) who works with a group of 4-7 students in each class, helping to develop the 3rd graders’ unique short plays. Students first create imaginative plays; then transform them into realistic fiction in conjunction with PS11’s English and Language Arts curriculum. The kids learn how to express thoughts and feelings using their own unique voices. They create rich and detailed character profiles, utilize the Playmaking script format, and build structure – which includes conflict, climax, action, and resolution. Each young playwright’s final play is then performed by the RAs on our Broadway stage for a delighted and supportive audience of students, teachers, parents, and administration.

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Arts Outreach
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Arts Education for Actors
This program is a hands-on training program for 10 Circle graduate per year. It includes teaching artist workshops throughout the season led by experts in the arts education field. It also includes the Playwriting Residencey at PS 11 Elementary School.