Post-Graduate Opportunites

Alumni continue to stay engaged with Circle after graduating. The school offers two programs specifically for its alumni: The Alumni Performance Ensemble, and the Arts Education for Actors Program. Both opportunities are perfect for alumni of all years.

postgrad1The Alumni Performance Ensemble

This ensemble performs a series of plays for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Alumni typically audition and are cast in one of the Three Plays for Grades K-6, all of which are presented on the Broadway stage at Circle. The Ensemble gets the chance to work with faculty in a fully professional capacity, learn storytelling particular to children’s theatre, and receive a stipend at the end of their run. For more information please visit  Three Plays for Grades K-6.

postgrad2Arts Education for Actors

Alumni who choose to enroll in the Arts Education for Actors Program will get the training and experience to work as a teaching artist. The program includes teaching arts workshops throughout the year; a Playwriting Residency at P.S. 11 that culminates with the kids’ plays performed on the Broadway stage at Circle in the Square; and a final two-day arts education conference in April. For further information, please see Arts Education for Actors.