Daniel Singer

Alexander Technique


Daniel Singer is a senior trainer of Alexander teachers,  on staff at the American Center for the Alexander Technique Certification Program in New York City. He has been teaching actors for over 35 years.  A certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1981, he is a founding member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique the main professional organization setting standards for training and teaching.  As well as at teaching at Circle-in-the Square,  he also heads the Alexander Technique programs for actors at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy as well as the Michael Howard Studio. Additionally, he has taught at Stella Adler Acting Studio, the New School Actors Studio Graduate School and Sarah Lawrence College. Teaching privately in New York City, Daniel is co-author of the book The Sacred Portable Now, he has co-written and produced the audio program The Back Alive Advantage based on principles of Alexander Technique.

“The Alexander Technique helps free  the actor’s instrument from unneeded tension.  Fear-based postural habits, unnecessary body contractions and unexamined body- thinking that profoundly impact acting are replaced with better choices.


Benefits of AT include greater calm, a more open carriage, better movement, freer expression, greater mental focus, grounded-ness and centered-ness, improved vocal function, more natural breathing and overall enhanced function in performance. In this class, the acting student will learn specific tools for applying it  to the stage as well as discovering new choices of the head-neck-back relationship for on-going self-work.

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