Carrie Savage

Carrie Savage is excited to be finishing her final year at Circle in the Square Theatre School! An actress from Los Angeles, California; she has worked across the country and in Australia on stage, as well as in some film and in TV. She is also an established voice over actress with over 400 cartoon series and about 150 video games as well as commercials and industrials to her credit. She has won numerous awards for her voice over in animation and was most recently voted one of the top 20 voice actresses of all time in her field. Carrie has loved all of her film and theatre roles, but if she had to pick some of her favorites, they would include The Mute in The Fantasticks (Yes, believe it or not, that was a super fun role!), Yucca in the little known one act My Cup Runneth Over, Maureen in No Safe Place, an unusual take on The Choragus in Antigone, Babe and Heather in Working, and all the musical reviews, plus way back when: Rhoda in the The Bad Seed. Carrie has loved all of her voice over roles as well; especially the vixens, and the characters struggling through deeper, life changing issues, but she thought it was especially fun to get to voice a My Little Pony, and a Care Bear since she was a fan in her younger days! Carrie is very happy to be in New York, learning and growing and reuniting with her Theatre roots and is looking forward to expanding her repertoire in all the entertainment areas. Carrie is also a very proud member of EQUITY and SAG/ AFTRA.