The Audition

Preparing for Your Audition

For all Workshops, you will need to prepare two contrasting monologues that showcase your range and humanity. One monologue must be a contemporary piece while the other must be classical (Shakespeare is preferred). You will have a total of five minutes for the presentation of both monologues.

audition1Those applying for the Professional Musical Theatre Workshop or the Summer Musical Theatre Workshop must also prepare a full song that shows you in your best light. An accompanist will not be provided, so please a track with accompaniment for your piece. You can bring your own speaker if you wish, but we do have Bluetooth Speakers available. If you are auditioning in New York, you may choose to bring your own accompanist, but you must provide at least one week’s notice so we can set aside an appropriate studio.  You will have additional time outside of your five minutes for the presentation of your song.

What You Need to Audition

Theatre Workshop Applicants

  • One Contemporary Monologue
  • One Classical (Preferably Shakespearean) Monologue

Musical Theatre Workshop Applicants

  • One Contemporary Monologue
  • One Classical (Preferably Shakespearean Monologue
  • TWO Full Contrasting Songs with a backing track – a bluetooth speaker will be provided – (New York Auditioners at Circle can bring an Accompanist if they wish).
    • One Contemporary
    • One Legit

Video Audition Submission Procedures:

videoaudtion Video submissions are only allowed for the Common Prescreen for High School Seniors, the Summer Workshops, Supplemental Materials requested by Auditors and in special circumstances for International students. You cannot submit a video audition in substitution for attending a live audition for the Two-Year Workshops or the Circle/Eckerd BFA.

If you did not not provide your video link on your application, you may email us a link to a private video posted on a video hosting website such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or iCloud. Video auditions must contain the same contents as a live audition, as listed in the Preparing Your Audition section above.

All video auditions must be clear to view and easy to hear. Please choose a place to film where there is good lighting and little ambient noise. Also, please choose a location where the background is not distracting.

Please be sure to include the following information in your email:

  1. Your Name
  2. The name of the play, playwright, character for each of your monologues
  3. If you are singing, please give the name of the song and the musical it is from.
  4. Please provide SEPARATE links for each piece you are submitting and title each link by the name of the pieces you are submitting.
  5. Please indicate if these links are for a Common Pre-Screen, Requested Supplemental Materials, a Summer Video Audition or an International Student Audition.
  6. Please indicate if we have your application or if we should still be expecting it. We will not view Video Materials until we receive a completed application and an application fee.

Email your  links to with your FULL NAME, YOUR APPLICATION ENTRY NO. (found in your submission reciept email)and the type of Video Audition it is in the Subject line.


Both our Two-Year Conservatory Workshops in Theatre and Musical Theatre and the NEW Circle/Eckerd BFA are participants in the Musical Theater Common Prescreen for the 2019-2020 cycle. ONLY FOR H.S. SENIOR APPLICANTS.
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