Types of Scholarships

The Laurie Foundation provides scholarship grants for Circle students in the Two-Year Program who not only exhibit outstanding ability but also have demonstrated financial need.

Blanche and Irving Laurie were longtime supporters of the theatre and of actors. Past recipients include Kailyn Vazquez, and Johari Menelik Fraiser

johari-menelik-frasierJohari Menelik Frasier 15′

“Getting a scholarship from the Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation truly allowed me to focus on my training while I was at Circle, and because I wasn’t stressed about finances, I was able to grow as an actor. Circle’s given me so much, and now I have the tools to be both physically and emotionally specific. I can just as easily activate my system using specific personal and sense memories as reach a heightened state through the use of movement unique to the situation I’m portraying.” – Johari

The Patrick J. Patek Award This award is granted as a full or partial scholarship annually to select students who have shown both artistic merit, as well as financial need. This award is intended to assist students in support of their studies in the theatre school’s Two-Year Professional Training Program.

This scholarship is in honor of Mr. Patek’s generosity of spirit as a board member and guiding force of the Circle in the Square Theatre School. Mr. Patek was a longtime supporter of actors and theatre.

First Patek Award recipients Zachary Spicer and Whitney Kaufman with Founder Theodore Mann in 2008.


2019: Brian J. Gabriel
2016: Cait Kelly, Chelsea Lee Wheatley
2015: Paola Hernández
2014: Ali Fitzpatrick, Lauren Williams
2010: Jessica Gallo Murphy, Ryan Barry, Sandra Miller, Jennifer McDowell
2009: Lydia DeSouza, Tony Pajunen
2008: Whitney Kaufman, Zachary Spicer


The Waldman Scholarship Please check back soon for more information about this award.