Our Campus

The Theatre

Circle in the Square Theatre School is the only school housed in a Broadway theater. Many student performance opportunities are held on that stage.

circle-interiorCircle is an 800-seat space like no other on Broadway. It is in the round, affording students a unique acting experience. In addition, Students observe the day to day activities of the productions that perform here and frequently interact with members of the Broadway companies.

In addition to utilizing the theater as a classroom space, the school has seven studio spaces, the majority of which contain a piano. The school houses a wide selection of costume pieces from numerous periods that are available for regular student use. In addition studios are all equipped with theatrical props for scene studyreceivingfunds1-img_1431-proof.

The Library

Circle in the Square has an extensive library containing over 1600 plays as well as hundreds of reference materials covering all genres.

We also have a large music library with upwards of 2600 individual songs and approximately 200 musical scores and 150 musical librettos. All of these materials are available for student use.