Receiving Your Funds

 Step 3:

Once you’ve reviewed and agreed to the amount of aid you’ll receive for the following school year, have done your entrance interview, and signed your master promissory note, the next thing to think about is when you’ll actually get your aid. Below you’ll see how funds from Federal Loans, Grants, and Work Study are disbursed to you. It is worth noting in every case, the first disbursement of federal aid will be no earlier than thirty days after the first day of the enrollment period.

Loan and Grant Disbursements

Your aid will be disbursed to you in two installments, one in October and one in January. Each installment will equal half of the total amount of your aid. These forms of aid will be directly applied to the cost of your tuition. If there is no remaining balance on your tuition after your aid is applied, the remaining amount of your aid is disbursed directly to you.

Work Study

Funds from the Federal Work Study program will be disbursed to you directly via check. The amount received is based on the number of hours worked and the funds remaining in your work study allotment.