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A Paid Training Program for Circle Graduates

Wouldn't you rather teach kids about theatre than wait tables or temp between acting jobs?

Professional artists who work as arts educators usually earn anywhere from $30-$200 per hour for leading interactive workshops in grade schools and at community sites. As a participant in Arts Education for Actors, you will learn how to apply your theatre training and creative abilities to help children and adults learn and develop their social skills. Supplement your acting income as you make a difference in your community.

The program components are:

  • Actively participate in the planning and implementation of a long-term residency at a NYC school. With the guidance of a master Professional Teaching Artist, you will work as an assistant taking charge of a group within the class and helping them to achieve project goals as set by the master artist in conjunction with teachers from the project school. Trainees attend two planning sessions, orientation for schoolteachers and at least seven residency mornings. Circle in the Square Arts Education Residency with PS11.
  • Attend FOUR participatory workshops conducted by leaders in the field on critical topics such as: Classroom Management, Working with People with Special Needs, Age-appropriate activities and more.
  • Attend the annual New York City Arts in Education Roundtable Conference: "Face to Face." Circle in the Square covers the registration fee for your attendance at the conference.
  • Ongoing technical assistance is available from the program administrator on questions you may have and for referrals to organizations that regularly hire teaching artists.
  • A stipend is provided to Circle graduates upon program completion.

Please contact Colin O'Leary at (212) 307-0388 if you would like to participate.



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New York City, NY 10019
Tel: 212-307-0388
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