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Two things I learned while at Circle: that theatre matters, and that acting is an art form as great as any other.

('89 NYU-Circle Conservatory)

Philip Seymour Hoffman

What the teachers at Circle have to offer opened the doors of my life and equipped me with the necessary tools to delve deeper into my work and my passion for freedom in creativity. While studying at Circle, I learned that I could be ANY kind of actor that I want to be. The faculty is outstanding and even world-renowned, teaching at top notch schools, some still working artists themselves! I'm STILL TO THIS VERY DAY processing their words...now I finally get what all my teachers were trying to convey. Circle propelled me forward in my artistry, period.

('02 Professional Musical Workshop)

Trisha Jeffrey

Attending Circle in the Square was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I left with the tools I needed to tackle any role, and now I use those tools every day. I highly recommend Circle's program to anyone who is serious about making acting their career.

('03 Professional Musical Theatre Workshop)

Lauren Elder

The incredible faculty of Circle in the Square Theatre School gave me the tools to handle any kind of work that comes my way. Their dedication to the work and the passion with which they teach help take your craft to another level. The difference between when I walked through the doors at the beginning of my first year, and when I walked out, certificate in hand, is a testament to the intensity and depth of this program.

('04 Professional Musical Theatre Workshop)

Virginia Tuller

Circle provided me with the strong base of fundamentals and diversity of training that has enabled me to work with actors of all techniques and media. It all comes back to Circle.

('93 NYU-Circle Conservatory)

Dan Truman

As a foreign student in the US, I thought of Circle in the Square as my second home. The environment, training and the continuing struggle helped me to explore, grow and understand myself in a better way, both as an actor and as a human being.

('11 Professional Acting Workshop)

Adam Shiri

I will always give credit to Circle for the advancement in my craft that grants me the opportunity to work. I remember when I did my first scene of my first year and Alan Langdon said "If this was a performance, then I guess you did just that, but that's not what we do here." That's when I knew I was in for a long journey...a journey toward me.

('06 Professional Acting Workshop)

Keedar Whittle

What I love about Circle are the different methods each teacher gives you.  You are not stuck learning just one.  You can mix and match and figure out what works for you.  More importantly, Circle allowed me to learn about myself, and figure out who I am as an artist.  Seven years later, my teachers voices are still in my head guiding me through creative blocks and leading me towards inspiration at auditions, on stage, on set, and in life.

('04 Professional Musical Theatre Workshop)

Vivian Dominguez

Attending Circle in the Square Theatre School was the best thing I could have ever done for my career!  During the program, I was taught several methods by an amazing faculty and now I can use each of them when I really need to at a drop of a hat.  After working professionally for a few years in NYC and regionally, I am now a working actor in LA.  Most LA actors have very little training and because I was trained at Circle and have NYC on my resume, I stand out in a positive way and most always get a callback or book the job.  Circle also taught me the "business" aspect of an actor's life.  From headshots/resumes to submissions to narrowing down your "type," Circle does what most undergrad/grad programs don't.  Most actors that I have met that were trained somewhere else and then moved to NYC, have told me they have felt significantly behind.  I was able to create relationships with casting directors and agents WHILE I was in school and, after graduation, I quickly jumped in to a successful career.

('06 Professional Musical Theatre Workshop)

Steve Trzaska

The greatest asset that Circle in the Square provides to its students is the exposure to so many different methods and techniques offered by the teachers. The actor learns what does, and sometimes more importantly doesn't, work for them in order to create an individual and unique approach to the work. In addition, the chance to work in actual functioning Broadway Theatre, surrounded by working industry professionals, is invaluable.

('03 Professional Musical Theatre Workshop)

Michal Salonia

I was doing an Off Off Broadway show six months after graduating from Circle. There was a moment in the show when the lights went down on me during an intense exchange. I had to freeze in place for a couple of minutes before the lights came back up and the scene continued. It was during this frozen stage time that I heard the words in my head. "Intensify. Build it. Just because you're still doesn't mean you're not alive." They were the words of my Circle physical acting instructor, Moni Yakim. Right then, I knew those two years at Circle had been worth it.

('04 Professional Acting Workshop)

Joe Guice

Circle in the Square Theatre School is like an acting laboratory. The faculty and staff give you all the tools and ingredients you'll ever need and a safe environment to experiment freely. My time at Circle was the best rehearsal I ever had for my professional life. 

('06 Professional Acting Workshop)

Jenn Dodd

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